Chinese Language
➢  Self-study system in Chinese subjects
➢ Chinese Culture Research Institute
➢ Student Award Program - Chinese Champion Challenge Program
➢ Twelve Chapters Flipped Classroom (Open Course - Trial Experience)
➢ Teaching map self-study website


English Language 
➢ i-Learner
➢ British Council
➢ HkedCity
How to access and use each platform


➢ Mathematics self-assessment system
➢  IDENTITY Math Self-Learning Platform
F.1-F.3 Math video "Tutoring is free" YouTube channel.
➢ Secondary 3 Mathematics
➢ Secondary 2 Mathematics
➢ Secondary 1 Mathematics


Information Technology 
➢ Chinese Input Method - Online practice system
➢ Chinese Input Method - Online Practice System (Idiom)


➢ Self-study system in chemistry


➢  Self-study system in physics
➢ Oxford Physics Short Test
➢ OXFORD Physics, OXFORD Press
➢ Marc Yam Physics Channel


➢ OLA e-learning system
➢ Dicksonbiology
➢ Prevention of respiratory infections (ETV)


➢ Hong Kong Education Book Company
➢ Hong Kong Mandarin Pinyin Tournament
➢ Mandarin game station
➢ Mandarin website


S1-3 Science 
➢ OLA e-learning system


➢ All-round economics self-learning platform


➢  Business Subjects – Learning and Teaching Resources – Education Bureau
➢ Qian Family Event Book
➢ Accountants Union "Ten Lessons on Financial Management"


Chinese History 
➢  Look at the history of animation
➢ Hong Kong History Tour


➢ Jockey Club Water Conservation Project An overview of Hong Kong's rivers
➢ Hong Kong Observatory - Meteorological Cold Knowledge
➢ Geological history and rocks of Hong Kong
➢  Geography and PAST PAPER (YOUTUBE➢SUBSCRIBE➢Tak Tsam Lee)
➢ Topic: Weather and Climate Hong Kong Underground Observatory – Meteorological Language
➢ Topic: Dynamic Earth – RTHK Programme "Underground Order"


Life and Social Sciences  
➢ Basic Law Quiz Contest
➢ Educational TV in Life and Social Sciences
➢ Get to know modern China


Tourism and Hospitality 
➢ Hong Kong Tourism Network: A website dedicated to the exchange of information by the Tourism Board for the industry, which provides access to most of the data on Hong Kong's tourism industry
➢  Centre for Food Safety, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department: Information on the catering industry in Hong Kong and various food safety information
➢ Hong Kong Tourism Board: An overview of Hong Kong's tourism resources and promotion efforts
➢ United Nations World Tourism Organization
➢ Education Bureau: Curriculum Support Resource Set
➢ Examination and Assessment Bureau: Examples of Diploma Examination Candidates
➢ Skywalk Press: Online learning support


General Studies 
➢  Teach Tu to fight the epidemic with you
➢ The Lingji General Studies Platform* includes three mock test papers (with assessment criteria and answers) and 14 question type dismantling videos
➢ RTHK General Knowledge Network


➢  91 music common sense, dare to say that you understand music after reading it
➢ 101 Introductory Classroom Music Chapter
➢ LCSD Music Channel Music Chapter
➢ Hong Kong music
➢ All-round Chinese music experience
➢ Chinese opera Cha Du Bu


➢ Knowledge and knowledge
➢ English Campus
➢ Hong Kong Reading City
➢ Fifteen-minute appointments
➢ Audible audiobook


➢ WiseNews


➢ Diploma examination information
➢ Public library electronic resources
➢ Hong Kong and Taiwan program "Good Book with Audio"
➢  Epic! For educators: 35,000 e-English books, learning videos and quizzes (Register as an educator, free of charge.) )
➢ STAR platform
➢ Educational television resources
➢ e-Reading School Program