Aims and objectives 


  1. Help students understand themselves and develop themselves, such as their abilities, aptitudes, interests, needs, values, resources and limitations, and make plans for their future.
  2. Help students establish long-term and short-term life planning goals and formulate systematic plans accordingly to achieve them.
  3. Deepen students' understanding of the professional world and various pathways for further studies and employment, so as to prepare them for future studies and employment.


Introduction to the event


  1. Help students understand themselves and set goals, life planning education is implemented at all levels, such as life planning courses and career interest tests.
  2. Organise various activities, such as domestic study tours, industry visits, vocational course experience classes, summer job experience programmes (workplace shadowing schemes), etc., to help students understand the pathways of further study and employment, so as to make appropriate choices.
  3. Individually interview all Secondary 5 and Secondary 6 students to provide appropriate counselling, as well as life planning counselling and work experience activities for students with special learning needs.


Life planning activities and flow charts



Useful links


  1. Further education information (點擊以下連結)
    ➢ Government Education and Career Guidance Website
     Alumni Club
    ➢ Further education and employment
  2. Employment information (點擊以下連結)
    ➢ Apply for government positions
    ➢ Labor Department website: job vacancies and other job search information
    ➢  Hong Kong Police Recruitment
    ➢  South China Morning Post Job Search Page


A visit to Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited

Alumni sharing with Form 6 students