1. Manage the disciplinary, counselling and grading work of the whole school, and strengthen cooperation between the three.
  2. Pay attention to students' academic performance and formulate targeted policies so that students can pursue moral studies in a good learning environment and atmosphere.
  3. Strengthen the role of class teachers in discipline, counselling and grading.
  4. Strengthen the contact and communication between classes at the same level, support each other, and discuss countermeasures.
  5. To assist students in their growth, assist and guide students to face and solve problems related to learning, emotions, relationships, family and personal growth.
  6. Promote a culture of rewards in schools by integrating and coordinating award activities and programmes.


Scope of work

  1. Maintain close contact and communication with class teachers, and hold regular class teacher meetings to discuss and deal with students' academic and moral problems.
  2. Implement the school's established disciplinary policy to establish and maintain a good learning environment.
  3. Pay attention to students' academic performance and provide appropriate counseling.
  4. Receive referrals from parents or teachers for follow-up.
  5. Carry out various developmental and preventive group activities.
  6. Planning, formulating, publicizing and promoting training and support activities, including regular placement meetings, morning meetings, uniform checks, thematic seminars, case counseling, tutoring classes, lunch and after-school classes, lunch inspections, order competitions, camping and parents' days, etc.


Organizational structure

  1. Core Group: Composed of two directors
  2. Discipline Teachers: A total of 7 Discipline teachers
  3. Class teachers: Secondary 1 to Secondary 5, two per class; Secondary 6, one per class
  4. Teaching and Administration Assistants (Teaching and Administration Assistants): 3 in total
  5. Social worker: two
  6. Educational psychologist: one


VNET Volunteer Team

Led by the social workers and comprising students from Form 2 to Secondary 6, the VNET Volunteer Service Team enables them to unleash the spirit of "Brightening and Enriching Life" by helping others, enhancing their self-confidence, nurturing virtue and serving the community.
All services are led by students, so that they can learn to become the person in charge of activities, learn to collect information, analyze and discuss, respect listen, undertake cooperation, solve problems, etc., and expect them to turn their volunteer attitude into their attitude to life, promote growth, and achieve a meaningful life.




Secondary 1 Welcome Day – Group Games

Secondary 4 Adventure Activity – Parade abseiling Theft prevention lectures

Secondary 1 Welcome Day – Parent visit

Class Day – Eat ice cream

Theft prevention lectures

Foundation Learning – English Activities

VNET Volunteer Service Team - Youth Association New Year's Dinner"
Volunteer activities

VNET Volunteer Service Team - Youth Association New Year's Dinner"
Volunteer activities

VNET Volunteer Service Team – "Charity Run"